The story of Moonbow

Well, the name, Moonbow, has been coined from the rare but natural phenomenon known as the lunar rainbow. The way nature offers its goodness in the raw form, with Moonbow, we are trying to achieve the same and give you an honest brand. Remaining true to our words, we at Moonbow, don’t just purify, we goodify your lifestyle and experience.

Be it the goodness of essential minerals or the goodness of refreshing energisers, we ensure that our products don’t stop just at purification.

We combine intelligent living with goodness of nature and provide you with fresh water & air. With Moonbow products range, you are assured to find a reflection of the true taste in water and natural freshness in the air.

Our Origin

Moonbow by Hindware is a brand of Somany Home Innovations Ltd. (SHIL), a newly created Corporate Entity of HSIL Limited, vastly recognised by its Brand Hindware, a leading name in the Indian market. The consumer appliances brand was launched in 2015 by Hindware, one of India’s most trusted brands. It strives to bring Goodness into the lives of all its consumers with its aesthetically crafted, disruptively designed and technologically advanced range of Water Purifiers and Air Purifiers. 



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Moonbow by hindware Promise of Service

We intend to provide great customer experiences. We believe in delivering exactly what the customer wants. Why we stress on the word ‘exactly’ is because even a minimal deviation from their expectation can lead to the thought process that could end in losing that customer.  


We have a network of partners who have a vast amount of experience in customer service in the same/ similar industries. There is a team of expert technicians who help the customers in case of any technical issues. We have created more than 900 service points that cater to Pan India customers. Our target is to complete 95% service requests within 24 hours. And in the top 10 cities, we focus on same-day closure of service requests. 


Customers can reach us for support through a dedicated contact centre, which is available all seven days throughout the year. You can reach us via email or through the website. 

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