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Achelous TM


Hot+IoT Water Purifier

India’s First Water Purifier With RO Membrane Life
& Real-time Filter Life Technology
  • Advanced 6 Stage Purification
  • RO+UV+Mineral Fortfication
  • An IOT Enabled water purifier
MRP: ₹ 27,990/-

Key Features

The power to access your water purifier through Hindware Appliances App from anywhere, at anytime.

With RO Life Alert (patent applied) change your RO membrane only after its usable life is over.

Get instant warm/hot water at 45°C & 80°C respectively. Switch on the heater from the Mobile App from anywhere.

Adds the goodness of minerals back to the RO purified water.

Superior RO membrane that saves upto 50% water wastage.

Disclaimer: Additional 50% water saving when tested at TDS 500 PPM, Input pressure 2kg/cm2 and water temperature 25°C.

1. Product Features

  • An IOT enabled water purifier that can be operated from anywhere, at any-time through the Hindware Appliances app
  • Equipped with India’s 1st RO Membrane Life Alert Technology (patent applied), which tells you when to replace RO membrane and Real-time filters alert technology (patent applied) that shows you the remaining life of other filters
  • Child lock protected hot water dispensing at 80°C and 45°C along with ambient water dispensing
  • Intelligent Auto-fill Jug technology that senses the water level in the jug and fills it automatically. Just place it and forget it
  • Displays the real-time TDS in input and output water
  • Two Water Faucets – one for glass or cup with hot/warm water dispensing and another for auto-fill jug or bottles
  • Smart touch sensitive user-friendly display panel
  • Suitable for all sources of water with TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • Advanced 6 Stage RO+UV Purification with Mineral Fortification Technology
  • 100% RO+UV purified water
  • 8L large storage tank + 2L portable auto-fill jug
  • High purification production rate up to 18L/hr*
  • Table Top/Wall Mounted


*Under laboratory test conditions. It may vary depending upon input water pressure on the site & condition of filters.

2. Product Description

India’s first fully-loaded IOT enabled Achelous Premium iPro RO+UV water purifier with Mineral Fortification technology will definitely take the water purification to the next level. Equipped with IOT technology, this gives you the power to access your water purifier through Wi-Fi using the Hindware appliances app from anywhere, at any time. The intelligent sensors of this water purifier show the real-time TDS level of your input and purified water that your family drinks.

It is India’s 1st water purifier with RO Membrane Life Alert (patent applied) & Real-time Filters Life Alert (patent applied) technology, which displays the actual status of RO membrane and real-time balance life of other filters. It also alerts you when to replace RO membrane or other filters. The intelligent auto-fill jug senses the water level in the jug, and automatically stop the flow of water to avoid any spillage. So you can carry on with other household chores while the water in the jug fills automatically.

The Hot water Dispensing feature, available in Achelous Premium iPro offers instant warm & hot water at 45 degree C & 80 degree C respectively, with live temperature displayed over the display panel and can be accessed with just a touch of a button. So, be it your morning green tea or evening black coffee or the feed for your infant or the lukewarm water for senior citizens, our engineers have ensured this water purifier gives you the hot beverages instantly.

The Mineral Fortification technology in Moonbow water purifiers adds back the goodness of essential minerals sourced from natural sources into the purified water, making it truly good to drink.

Achelous premium iPro Hot+ IoT water purifier comes with Advanced 6 stage RO+UV purification and saves up to 50% water wastage with its superior RO membrane making it the best water purifier in the market.

3. Product Dimensions

LxWxH: 368mm x 288mm x 448mm

4. Warranty Details

Electrical Parts: 12 Months
RO MEMBRANE: 12 Months
Other Filters: 6 Months

Smart Interface

Failure Alert
RO Life Filter
Wi-Fi Connection
Customer Care
Water Tank
Water Tank
Hot On Off
Child Lock
Dual Hot Mode
Water Temperature
TDS Input & Output Level
Control Panel

TDS Level Description

The outer & inner circles icon on the display panel, shows the level of TDS in the input and output water. Refer the below table for the value of TDS in the water, as indicated with the no. of green lit bands.

BAND 1 0 – 25 PPM
BAND 2 26 – 100 PPM
BAND 3 101 – 200 PPM
BAND 4 201 – 400 PPM
BAND 5 401 – 600 PPM
BAND 6 601 – 800 PPM
BAND 7 801 – 1000 PPM
BAND 8 1000 PPM & Above

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