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Moonbow Achelous Premium
by hindware

  • Advanced 6 Stage Purification.
  • Mineral Fortification.
  • Filter Life, TDS Input & Output Indicators etc.
MRP: ₹ 21,490/-

1. Product Features

  • Advanced 6 stage RO+UV purification
  • Mineral fortification that adds essential minerals to the purified water
  • 100% RO+UV purified water
  • Intelligent sensor controlled 2L Auto-fill jug – fills water up to two-third level & stops automatically
  • Touch sensitive user friendly display
  • Smart TDS level indicators for input & output water
  • Filter life indicator tells you when to change the filter
  • Advanced failure alert indicator to alert faults in electrical components
  • Purification & tank status indicator
  • 2 water faucets – one for glass or cups and other for auto-fill jug or bottles
  • 7l tank + portable storage with a 2L auto-fill jug
  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • High purification rate up to 12L/hr

2. Product Description

The Moonbow Achelous Premium water purifier by Hindware not only looks smart, but also works smartly. This next level water purifier with its advanced 6 stage RO+ UV purification and added mineral fortification technology ensures you get 100% RO+UV Purified water. Equipped with intelligent sensors, this water purifier tells you the TDS level in the input supply water as well as the purified water, adding to your trust that what you are drinking is 100% pure. The intelligent jug sensors allows you to work freely as the water flow stops automatically. Other features which make this water purifier a must-have for your home are filter life alert, failure alerts, purification and tank status, etc.

This perfectly engineered water purifier with premium finish black colour moves away from traditional looking water purifiers to a modern, upmarket look. Moonbow Achelous Premium water purifier comes with contemporary user interface with soft touch display panel. A 7L tank and portable 2L glass finish jug supports quick filling of water, which adds convenience especially for the working class. It is suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.

3. Product Dimensions

LxWxH: 368mm x 252mm x 448mm

4. Warranty Details

Electrical Parts: 12 Months
RO MEMBRANE: 12 months
Other Filters: 6 Months

Disclaimer : Terms & Conditions Apply. Refer product user manual for details.


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